Inductively Couple Plasma/Reactive Ion Etch System:

AIT’s DRIE/ICPRIE is designed for dry etching solutions of a wide variety of dielectrics and semiconductor materials.  The system uses an Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) source to generate a high-density plasma with a separate RF power supply to independently bias the substrate for controlling the ion energy.

Reproducible and uniform thermal control is achieved with active cooling/heating using mechanical clamping, (liquid helium) backside cooling, and a recirculating fluid electrode.

System custom designed for high aspect ratio etching with smooth etched sidewall profile control, high yield and throughput.

            The system consists of:

  • Etching Chamber machined from a solid billet of 6061-T6 aluminum alloy and interior surface anodized treated to prevent corrosion by chlorine- or ammonia-based plasma chemistry with embedded heating/cooling water flow in aluminum chamber wall to control reactor temperature.

  • Corrosion-resistant Oil-free Turbomolecular and corrosion-resistant, Two-stage Rotary Vane Backing with Adaptive Pressure Control (APC) for accurate throttling of pressure.

  • Load Lock Chamber (1) linear automatic magnetic vacuum transfer system for transfer of carrier between load lock chamber and main vacuum chamber with wafer up/down lifter for accepting/releasing wafer from/onto carrier finger into process chamber.

  • Substrate biasing RF Source biased electrode dark space shielded for plasma confinement and stability allowing only the carrier surface to be exposed to plasma enhancing plasma uniformity and ion density on wafer surface.

  • Substrate Stage Cooling/Heating for direct backside cooling of substrate stage with liquid Helium with substrate electrode surface temperature dynamically controlled by cooling water and heaters for control of temperature range -25°C to +250°C.

  • ICP RF Etching Source consisting of ceramic tube and inductive coil assembly for high-density plasma source with process gases injected through gas shower head for uniform plasma distribution.

  • Process Gases Delivery system with gas enclosure and distribution panel for (8) MFCs with electropolished SUS 316L tube, orbital welded and VCR fittings.  Each gas line consisting of (1) Mass Flow Controller and (2) bellow-sealed normal closed pneumatic actuator isolation (cut-off) valves on both inlet and outlet sides of each MFC.

  • System Control/Operation Mode with PLC/PC (Pentium) based Industrial Computer used to control complete system with graphic multi-tasking real time control/display software operating for all sensors and drives under Microsoft WINDOWS and Menu driven software with different levels of access control.

  • System Multiple Operation Modes for manual, semi-auto, fully-auto and maintenance.

  • Automatic process sequences delivered include auto-pump, auto-vent, auto-heat, auto load/unload and multi-steps etching and in-situ cleaning procedure.

  • Alarm history and process parameters history backup abilities.

  • Data logging for process parameters, forward/reflected/bias power, etch rate, substrate temperature, gas flow rate, process pressure and alarms.


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