AIT’s Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD) is specifically designed for R&D Laboratory and Pilot Production applications.  Key performance features include the uniform deposition of a thin films including metals, dielectrics, complex alloys, oxides, nitrides, and ceramics on a variety of substrate materials.

            The system consists of:

  • Single walled SUS304 welded electropolished SS chamber with multiple Conflat flange ports for fitting accessories, substrate view ports, pumping ports, gas inlet ports, substrate heaters, laser ports and optional Load-lock Chamber, RGA, and RHEED.

  • High-vacuum Turbopump and Drypump for operating pressure range down to 10-8 torr with Adaptive Pressure Controller (APC).

  • Programmable target manipulator for max. (6) targets with a dual axis magnetically coupled rotary feedthrough with motor drive allows for computerized selection and synchronization of the active ablation target to maximize target utilization with target rotation speed up to 50 rpm.

  • Computer controlled motorized feedthrough allows multi-layered films to be easily grown.

  • Water-cooled shield over the target assembly and the shield including a machined slot for the laser beam located over the active target.

  • Oxygen-resistant Substrate Heater with open architecture design connected to a magnetically coupled rotary feedthrough mounted on a Z-stage with a 2" stroke.

  • Substrate temperature (max.) 1000°C with temperature uniformity +/-1°C across 2" diameter.

  • Mass Flow Controllers for up to (6) gases.

  • Laser lens, laser viewport, optical beam path cover, and beam homogenizer for 193 nm and 248 nm wavelengths.

  • Option for integrating High-Pulse-Energy Excimer Laser.

  • Option for integrating RGA and RHEED Gun.

  • PLC and Industrial PC System Control/Operation for manual and auto with auto operation.

  • User-friendly software package based on LABVIEW for control and monitoring pumping system, target indexing, target raster program, rotation speed, heater, laser function, MFC flow rate, and substrate temperature profile.

  • Graphic multi-tasking real time control/display software operating for all sensors and drives under Microsoft WINDOWS.


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