The AIT PECVD System is designed for the RF deposition of SiOx, SiNx and SiOxNy in the manufacture of ICs, MMICs, LEDs, LDs, VCSELs, waveguides and MEMS devices on Si and GaAs substrates.  Optimized uniform gas laminar flow stream provided by specially designed shower head and pumping channels for a robust, reliable, production-proven system to control and optimize the deposition rate, refractive index, film stress control, elimination of pin holes, increased yield and throughput, and overall device performance.

  • For piece-parts, single and multiple wafers ranging in size from 2” to 8”.

  • Deposition chamber machined from solid billet of 6061-T6 aluminum with interior surface anodized treated to prevent corrosion by plasma chemistry.

  • Embedded heating water flow in the chamber wall to control the reactor environment temperature.

  • Substrate temperature control from room temperature to 350°C with uniformity of +/-2°C.

  • Sample stage dark space shielded for plasma confinement and stability to allow only the carrier surface exposure to plasma enhancing plasma uniformity on wafer surface and preventing deposition on chamber surface.

  • Corrosion-resistant multi-stages Oil-free Dry and Roots Pumps.

  • Load-lock chamber machined from Aluminum alloy T6061 with interior surface anodized treated to prevent corrosion by plasma chemistry.

  • Dual frequency RF 13.56 MHz and RF 380 KHz operation for control of adhesion, uniformity, stress and film density.

  • Real-time Adaptive Pressure Control (APC) for closed loop pressure control.

  • (8) process gas lines specified for SiH4, N2O, NH3, N2, O2, CF4, He and (1) spare.

  • All gas lines orbitally welded SS316 lines with VCR fittings, and metal sealed MFCs.

  • Gas shower-head assembly for uniform gas and mass transfer distribution.

  • Class 100 cleanroom compatible.

  • PLC and Industrial PC System Control/Operation for manual, semi-auto and fully-auto with auto process sequence generation/editing, recipe builder, multi-steps and looping coating procedures and storage of recipes.

  • Typical film non-uniformity of <+/-5% WIW.

  • Available as a mini PECVD system for R&D applications.


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