The AIT Electron Beam (E-Beam) Deposition Systems are custom designed for the deposition of single and multi-layered films.They are capable of sequential deposition of a wide variety of metals and dielectric films.The robust, reliable, production-proven E-beam systems are customized to optimize deposition rate, yield, throughput, and overall device performance.

  • UHV vacuum deposition chambers configurable with various rotary vane, dry pumps and high-vacuum turbopumps and cryopumps.

  • Option for load-lock chambers with linear motion magnetic transfer arm with susceptor and wafer up/down lifter for accepting/releasing single wafer onto substrate holder.

  • UHV E-beam deposition sources with single and multi-pocket hearth with volumes ranging from 2cc to 100cc.

  • Tetrode-Tube and Solid State E-beam power supplies with Programmable E-beam Sweep Controllers.

  • Choice of substrate holders including planar water-cooled (for lift-off applications), rotatable (0~30 rpm) and single/triple rotating/revolving carousels.

  • Class 100 cleanroom compatible.

  • Typical coating non-uniformity of <+/-3% WIW, WTF, and RTR.

  • Option for Ion Beam Etch (IBE) clean and Ion Assisted Deposition (IAD).

  • Option to include thermal evaporation sources.

  • Option for substrate heating to maximum 600°C.

  • Quartz Crystal process controller/rate/layer thickness monitor (single/dual head).

  • PLC and Industrial PC System Control/Operation for manual, semi-auto and fully-auto with auto process sequence generation/editing, recipe builder, multi-steps and looping coating procedures and storage of recipes.

  • Available as a mini e-beam system for R&D applications.


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